Notebook Laptop repair Munich

PC Laptop Notebook repair Munich

We repair all brands and types of Notebooks and Laptops in Munich.

 Notebook does not turn on

In most cases it indicates mainboard problem. Laptop mainboards are generally difficult to find, but it is not a problem for our technicians. CONODI Notebook and Laptop repair service offer a wide spectrum of repairs including BGA soldering and component-level mainboard repairs. We provide warranty for each of our repairs.

 Notebook fails to boot

There are many reasons which could stop the OS from booting. Failed update, virus, accidental system file damage, it all looks generally the same but there is also a hardware reason for that. One of the most common Notebook problems is a Hard Drive failure and it shows itself mostly during system updates or data transfer. If your laptop fails to boot and if you have important data, do not try „windows recovery“ and do not let it bootloop longer than a few times. If your HDD fails, every data access could be the last one. We can always offer you Data Recovery in such cases.

 Battery does not charge anymore

There are three possible reasons for this problem. Power supply, a broken power jack, or charging circuit on the mainboard – we will diagnose and fix your problem for the best price. Notebook Repair Munich recycles your old battery without a fee.

 Laptop works slower than normal

Just bring the device to PC-Doktor Notebooks und Laptops Repair Munich for cost-free diagnose. Overheating, bad sectors on HDD or sensor failure will be diagnosed and repaired ASAP, in urgent cases we provide a temporary device so you can get the job done right after you leave our repair shop.

 Laptop screen stays black

There are planty of reasons for this kind of malfunction. It could be a BIOS damage, Backlight circuit failure as well as GPU, TFT or cable damage. We will find the problem and provide you the best solution.

 Chassis/Display hinges repair

Our workshop provides chassis repair service. One fo the most common problem with plastic laptop is that display hinge breaks the chassis and you can’t open or close your laptop anymore. there’s no need to worry or replace the whole assembly – with a few screws and fine tunung we can fix your notebook for a good price. It won’t look pretty but it will never break again and it will be stronger as when it was new.

 Keyboard / Touchpad replacement

We can replace touchpad, keyboard or other parts of your laptop. We also repair USB, HDMI and other kind of IO ports on your laptop.

 Express repair

In urgent cases we cah escalate your repair priority and/or provide replacement notebook till yours will be repaired.

 Repair, do not recycle!

Repairing Notebooks saves our planet from tons of CO2, mercurium, lead and other high-tech waste. There is no reason to throw away perfectly working device just because ONE 0.1mm capacitor failed and stops your device from working.

We do not guarantee walk-in service, please call us at least 30 Min before your visit! Entrance is opposite to Egetterstr.21 through the yard 6M than 6M left. Please park your vehicle on the street, parking in yard is strictly prohibited!