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Apple MacBook Repair Munchen, we repair every Mac.

Logicboard Repair

Apple MacBook Repair Munich is the right service for quick and reliable repair. The most common MacBook problems happen because of the faulty Logicboard. Instead of replacing it we repair it on component-level. No Backlight, MacBook beeps 3 times on startup, question mark folder, black screen, all of there indicates Logicboard problem. If you do not see the green light on your MagSafe just bring the device to us for a quick diagnose.

Display Replacement

Conodi Apple MacBook Repair Munich service replaces your Display! In some cases, it is much cheaper to replace only the LCD part instead of the whole display assembly. We can also remove the „stain gate“ residue making your screen look considerably better.

Battery replacement

In many cases, it is not the battery life you need to worry about. A damaged battery may deform your MacBook or even burn or explode. One of the most common symptoms of popped-out battery is the unresponsive touchpad. Trackpad click does not work anymore because battery pushes it up in chassis making it impossible to reach the click-point.


iMac SSD upgrade makes a dramatic difference for almost all models even if they were equipped with Fusion Drive before. Performance gain makes your older device comparable to newer models in most tasks and it works faster than ever before. We can also upgrade your RAM or install a bigger SSD in your MacBook.

MacBook Water damage repair

Water damage is a very common problem on Apple Macbooks. Unlike most PC notebooks, MacBook has zero-tolerance to water since many crucial components are exposed to vent holes. In some cases, the oxidation process lasts days or weeks and your device suddenly stops working despite being completely dry. Rice or Hairdryer method helps only if the device was not powered at the moment of water exposure which is technically impossible since you can’t remove your battery without a special pentalobe screwdriver. Do not charge or use your device – bring it to our repair shop to get an urgent free-of-charge battery deactivation and diagnostic.

Macbook GPU repair

We do not offer A1278 Macbook 2011 AMD GPU replacement, since we believe that replacing faulty serial-defect GPU with a newer serial-defect GPU makes absolutely no sense, and should be considered as a temporary fix. It may work a few years, but it will always fail since the real reason is a manufacture design and it cannot be fixed by anyone. Consider watching a short explanation from one of the most notable MacBook Repair experts Louis Rossmann. Here’s a short list of common symptoms for this problem:
  • Green or pink color stripes on the screen
  • Mac OS System boots to ~50% and screen goes gray
  • No picture on the screen, beep signals, full fan speed.
The only solution is to deactivate AMD Chip and use integrated Intel GPU. NO AMD Chip = No Problem. What is dead may never die again. Of course, you will lose video encoding performance and external screen connector (Displayport is routed only to AMD Chip) but you may use your device many years as a typewriter or internet-surfing machine.

iMac Service

The most common problems are:
  • Max OS System takes considerably long time to boot or does not boot at all.
    We replace HDD on every iMac model and provide Data-recovery service for failed drives.
  • iMac goes black randomly, but it still works in the background and you can see a dark image on the screen with a flashlight.
    There are 3 possible reasons: Inverter Board, Main Power Supply or Backlight LED. We can replace the iMac Inverter board or power supply, and we also provide unique Know-How Backlight repair for iMac 2009 and 2010 models. It will not fail anymore and you do not need to replace your display assembly anymore.
  • Green or pink stripes on the screen, Max OS system boots till ~50% than screen goes gray.
    Unfortunately, GPU deactivation by these models is not possible, but it can be replaced and tuned to work in better thermal conditions so it will work considerably longer time.

We do not guarantee walk-in service, please call us at least 30 Min before your visit! Entrance is opposite to Egetterstr.21 through the yard 6M than 6M left. Please park your vehicle on the street, parking in yard is strictly prohibited!

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